Shaping colour

The world of 1790 Cards 

A passion for posters

My love of posters began at an early age - especially for the posters of the London Underground. I longed to be transported to the places shown in the lovely imagery. The clever use of block colour fascinated me - how a hint here and shape there painted a picture with seemingly no effort. I hadn't realised just how much I had been influenced by the block colour artists of the early 20th Century, until I started to design my cards - and it all came rushing out!

Looking Sharp

I work digitally, manipulating basic shapes and putting them together to create my designs. All of the landscape designs are based on photographs I have taken myself or my friends have taken on their travels. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful village outside York - and as I walk the dogs, I am inspired by the views and the wildlife around me. I love to plot the changing seasons and adore the colours of autumn. In fact, as you can tell from my work, I just adore colour!

Belinda Morris, January 2018

Looking Sharp

A cast of characters

I love creating the Heads Up animal and bird designs. Some of them develop their own character as they take shape, while others are based on animals I know.

Staff 1

Meet Woody. He is the office dog in the design studio where my husband works.

Staff 2

Oakley is my friend's cat. He is rather camera shy. It took several attempts to get a photo of him I could work from.

Staff 3

I always think this cheeky Toucan is about to divulge some juicy gossip.

Staff 4

With his wide eyes, the frog looks eager to join in the fun.